The first post-contest release is here!

Hi guys! It's been a while!

First of all, we created a super cool brand new hyper Discord channel, where you can talk with us, ask questions and share your own game as well!

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Since the contest is not over, yet, we can't upload the file in a "standard" way. However, we wanted to share with you our super-cool new version. 

>> Download <<



Here are the main changes:

A completely new title screen!


Improved enemy AI: more moves, better moves with new animations, enhanced strategy

Full change log

  • Game finale is being re-made, with the aim to turn it into what it was supposed to be
  • Preloaded all graphics to avoid flickering or graphic bugs
  • Improved BS: removed unnecessary long and passive passages, faster animations, fixed the countdown sequence timing before performing a move
  • Added new music patterns for characters moves
  • Added new introduction scene for new characters who join the party
  • A more detailed intro
  •  New UI improved graphics
  • Improved Game Over screen
  • Fixed damage formula
  • Replaced some horrible (ahem) graphics
  •  Better game loading times
  • Polished pre-boss scene
  • Game rebalancing: learning curve is not as steep as it used to be, simplified tutorial and first game phase
  • Permanent death fixed → when characters died in combat, they didn't revive until the next save. This doesn't happen anymore
  • Banana trap fixed → the correct animation is now triggered

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