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Great game here's a playthrough I made of it !  More detailed thoughts in the video itself but I'd love to see you guys adapt more fairytales in a similar style


This game! I've seen this game somewhere when this was still getting developed, I think it was posted and some of the visuals was shown. Love that it's now here on itch! Great work on this game btw!

Will you be adding macOS and Linux builds, like on GameJolt or Steam? I'd snatch it without a second thought if it was available for Linux... :)

Heya, Linux and macOS versions added ;D

Thanks! :D

Hey! Played through the very beginning of this on my channel, really enjoyed it! 

Glad you enjoyed it :)

I don´t have a Steam key :(

You can play it without steam by downloading the file. The steam key is just an extra ;)

This game looks absolutely wonderful! I love the stained-glass styled graphics~ Will be sure to leave a review ^-^

Thank you :D