In a grey world full of adults who just care about their business, youngsters tend to daydream and delve deep into their own fantasy realms.


Oh! I'm Getting Taller! is a light-hearted puzzle-platform game about a kid and his desire to grow up. Amazed, he notices that every day he grows so much that he can easily reach things he couldn't even see before. Through his eyes you will have to discover how his town changes from a grey piece of concrete to a vibrant imaginary world.

At the same time, you will have to interact with his family, friends, foes and why not, his first crush. Will his happiness and imagination survive until he reaches adulthood or will the world change him like it did with anyone else? Make the right (or wrong, that depends entirely on you) decisions and discover thanks to multiple endings how they affect his surroundings and his future!


"Oh! I'm Getting Taller" was developed as a cooperative prototype project between Elf Games Works, Reverie Project and Andrea Fumagalli for the 2015 Indie Game Maker Contest. It won the Best Platform award.

As from 2016, the team started working on it again, in order to make it a complete game.

The current release is a bug fixed and improved version of the contest one. In the near future we plan to make a new release with new areas, lots of improvements and many endings.

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Fun! I am liking the art and symbolism!

Thank you for your video, I added to my playlist. ;P Bye!

Hi developer, the game breaks, abrupt growths, things placed hapazardly. I just pressed < and > and grew instantly and then everything was in two different levels, the objects to be picked up went invisible.

The first time i played it was awesome. But i want to play it again. Can u pls fix it. Its a lovely game.

I played the windows version,


Hi! Sorry for the late answer :( Thank you for your report!
We are working to an improved version of this game, we'll be releasing it soon!

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Lovely game!!! Gameplay is kinda strange, I loved the story!

I found some bugs on it.... when you replay the game, a lot of things are already unlocked, for example: the secret items. The game is un-replayable

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Thanks for your feedback! Have you played the browser version or the download version?

I have played the browser version. I finished the game... then I tried to replay the game but some things were unlocked like paths, items, etc... so in some places you can get stuck.

Thank you for your report! I'm building a new fixed version, I'll upload it soon! ;)